H.E. Audio Acoustic Guitar-(Steel) V1.0


H.E Audio has released the Commercial version 1.0 of Acoustic Guitar (Steel) finally. It is very simple and convenient, and is easy even for users who are not familiar with guitar.

Audio Demos:

The Leaf Boat



Video Introductions

Video Tutorial


  • Two types are available: Pick version and Finger version
  • All the guitar playing skills can be fulfilled and displayed on the Main page of guitar interface.
  • Many guitar playing skills have been represented authentically, including: Standard, Natural Harmonic, various sliding sounds, chords and finger noises.
  • All the sounds are sampled authentically from top musical instruments and acclaimed recording equipments.
  • Simple and convenient single-track editing modes realize that full functionality can be achieved within one MIDI Channel.
  • Complete guitar Attack time and adjustable function of Start Time, which retains the integrity of every note and precision of performance.
  • Exclusive rhombic sampling design means that in often-used range and velocity, sampling density will be increased, otherwise reduced.
  • Technique for same pitch circulation (robin) makes that each pitch of guitar has different circular timbre.
  • Tutorial video is available.
  • Background noise is pretty low, and the sampling process is extremely precise.

Equipments of Sample Recording:


  • Lead Mic:AKG-C12VR
  • Front Mic:Sony 800G
  • Stereo Mic:Schoeps mk4
  • Back Mic:Neumann u87
  • Acoustic Field Mic:Schoeps mk4
  • ADDA:Prism Sound ADA – 8XR
  • MIX:NEVE 88R
  • Recording Bit Depth & Resolution:24Bit 96Khz
  • Guitar Used:Kevin Ryan Guitar
  • Recording Environment:CCTV 480M2Studio


H.E. Audio-Acoustic Guitar- (Steel)


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199.00 USD\149.00 EUR

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Instrument(s): VST 2.x

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